Kentledge / Counterbalance hoarding still works with posts and rails only the posts are secured to concrete weights (750 - 1250kg) instead of digging holes in the ground.

This is useful when digging is not appropriate or difficult, for example in an urban environment.

Posts are secured to concrete blocks which act as counterweights. 

It is a quicker method and more dynamic than dug hoarding as it can be moved and re-used.

Ballast blocks are delivered on 28T or 25T lorries with or without moffett forklift. The install is fast and safe, no digging means no risk of damage to underground services (ground strikes).

Our concrete blocks are specially designed for hoarding and re-use. There is minimal setup time, they arrive and we bolt the posts on!

Transport costs are high but the system is re-usable so will save money in the long run - we also offer rental for periods of 6 months or less. 

If you have a telehandler onsite this further saves on cost.

For purchase or rental. Deposit Required. Decommission optional.



  • Low impact - no digging

  • Safe - no digging - no ground strikes

  • Flexible - move after install

  • Fast - installs 50% quicker than dug hoarding

  • Rent or buy

  • Metal / Plywood options

  • Any colour available (RAL, Pantone etc)

  • Minimal enviromental impact