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Site Hoarding Price

We can supply:

  • hoarding design

  • painted plywood panels

  • aluminium panels

  • printed aluminium panels

  • recycled panels

  • panels with graphics applied

Hoarding Design



Too often our impressions of site perimeters are of tired old chinese ply boards, delaminating and disintegrating, covered in flakey gloss. SHS understand the value of hoarding, not only for security but also for sales and marketing.

Site hoardings are the face of any development and as such should reflect the quality of the property and construction within.

Do not loose the opportunity to provide a fresh clean image to your development during construction, generate sales leads, set the tone for potential purchasers. Quality hoarding should not be undervalued. Proper presentation, graphics and advertising can make your site stand out and promote all the brands involved from the contractor, developer and agent.

Marketing / Finishing Options:

  • Painted hoarding with additional signage - traditional painted hoarding with 1.5 metre logo/sign boards attached

  • Hybrid solutions - many options such as painted hoarding with sections of full print cladding

  • Film faced hoarding with vinyl graphics - the latest high quality film faced plywood in your colour with graphics

  • Fully printed hoarding - unpainted hoarding clad with marketing panels to give total coverage

  • See below for price options -

Site Hoarding Cost Examples (this is the additional marketing cost rather than the hoarding construction cost):

  • Painted hoarding with additional signage - From £20.00 per linear metre 

  • Hybrid solutions - From £25.00 per metre

  • Film faced hoarding with vinyl graphics - From £35.00 per linear metre

  • Fully printed hoarding - From £75.00 per metre

For more accurate costs use our Price calculator above, this will display approximate hoarding construction costs and you can estimate marketing costs using prices above. Always allow plenty of contingency!


  • One stop shop

  • Seamless solution

  • Innovative design, brand consistent

  • Free visuals

  • We care about presentation

  • Drive sales from your hoarding


  • Full colour print

  • Metal finishes

  • Vinyl Graphics, RAL and pantone matching

  • Painted and Sprayed Coatings

  • Lighting and LEDs

  • Stand off signage, inserts and banners

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