Our low impact free standing hoarding is designed to suit your site, posts are secured on a timber or metal frame which is counterweighted with multiple small concrete blocks or tied to existing structure.

Interior hoarding & exterior hoarding options are available.

The framework supports the counterweights so there is low impact on the ground surface. The weight is distributed evenly. This is great on sensitive and valuable surfaces like granite slabs or tiles where heavy kentledge block hoarding would ruin the site.

It is a lower cost method than full kentledge as transport and machinery costs are lower. The system is erected by hand.

We can pre-paint plywood and OSB hoarding!

For purchase or rental. Deposit Required. Decommission optional.



  • Internal and external options

  • Build to suit onsite or pre fabricated and assembled

  • Interior stud work style hoarding in woodwork

  • Metal framework hoarding available to rent

  • Built with supporting frame or tied to existing structure

  • Heights from 2m - 6m can be built with ease

  • Pre painted ideal for graphics or signage application

  • Smart and secure to suit your requirement

CASE STUDY 1: Interior wooden stud work hoarding -


We also install studwork hoarding for interior hoarding requirements as below. This example was installed in a school although this also works in shop fit and retail environments. In this example we used woodwork although metal frame and PVC hoarding panels are available.

CASE STUDY 2: Exterior low impact hoarding -


In this example a box hoarding was required to enclose a transmitter in a high value area of London. In 2 days we erected and painted this plywood hoarding securely enclose the area. A simple door and padlocks finish the job.


  • Full site surveys included

  • Metal / Plywood options

  • Any colour available (RAL, Pantone etc)

  • Minimal enviromental impact

  • Fast install - Long term application

  • 2.1m (7 foot), 2.4m (8 foot), 3.0m (10ft), 4.8m, 6.0 metre heights

  • Colour coded fixings

  • Matt or Gloss finish (aluminium option)

  • ECO wood grain finish available

  • FSC certified

  • Internal or external use