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Site hoarding cost per M

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

What is the most cost effective solution for site hoarding? How much is hoarding per metre? Do you do supply only?

These are all questions we get asked everyday. Although we try and avoid the answer 'How long is a piece of string?' and we will usually give you a prompt ballpark figure, there are alot of factors to determine price:

1 - where is the site?

(think wind, traffic, access issues etc)

2 - how many gates or doors are required?

(gates are the most costly piece in any run)

3 - how long is the hoarding in place?

(a 1 week install will require a different spec to a 12 month one)

4 - what standards do your temporary works need to conform to?

(do you have a temporary works manager? does your health and safety policy require wind loading calcs or even site specific calcs? do you have a drawing for us to work to?)

5 - when do you need the install?

(we often help with emergency requests but usually it is 7-10 days from order to delivery)

6 - we will need a site survey?

(even once we have all the details it is only after a survey we can guarantee a price, we always survey)

Be assured, we ONLY INSTALL QUALITY HOARDING, we will not use cheap sub-standard materials or chinese plywood. Even the fixings we use are high quality. You won't find us using a nail gun!!!

As much as hoarding is a temporary item, cutting corners on quality can have catastrophic effects, such as cable strikes by poorly trained and equipped operatives to collapse of hoardings leading to serious injury.

Email: for a quick price today or use the hoarding price calculator.

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