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Site Gates / Vehicle Gates

We offer a number of options for site gates:

1 - budget wooden gates built bespoke on site

2 - galvanised metal pallisade gates

3 - steel mesh gates (RAL coated)

4 - metal gates glad in hoarding material

We always recommend a metal frame gate for long term hoarding (6 months+), they offer excellent durability and can be re-used, metal gates will not warp or move and cannot easily be damaged or cut.

Where customers are on tight budgets the wood option can be suitable, we can apply central wheels to the leaves to prevent sagging which is inevitable with a wooden frame gate, particularly when clad with OSB.

Pallisade gates are similar to security fencing with plumes at the top of the bars although can be clad with sheet aluminium instead of vertical bars for a quality finish. Steel mesh gates are also secure and can be RAL coated, the factory colours are green or black but any colour is available. For a seamless and secure gate we can clad all our gates in OSB, the same colour as your hoarding, as per the example above.

Our gates are commonly double leaf for vehicle access, in 3m, 4m or 5m aperture widths

and 2.4m height to match your hoarding.

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