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Raw OSB - what is it?

OSB is a type of engineered wood made by combining adhesives with wood strands and compressing it all together. This makes for a solid and even board with no holes, cracks or knots. OSB is a material with good strength making it well suited for load-bearing applications.

Unlike cheap plywood it is solid throughout with no voids inside and will not delaminate as it is not made by sticking sheets of material together.

Our coated OSB is factory primed with a coating that fills and smoothes the surface ready for painting. We have 2 variations of primer - a white eco friendly non-solvent coating or a grey heavy duty polymer primer. Both protect the OSB from the elements and allow for easy top coat or graphics application if required.

The cost of our factory coated and top coated OSB is actually cheaper than painting plywood onsite anyway!

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