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Plywood Hoarding vs OSB

Traditional building site hoarding was often constructed from the cheapest exterior grade plywood possible. However, when specifying material for your site be mindful not to fall into this trap. We have seen some awful examples in the past, in the worse case leading to failure of the perimeter and unsafe conditions. Using low cost, low grade thin plywood is not on our agenda. Poor quality ply will suffer from cracks, deep knots and a buckled surface, it will age badly and deform under environmental exposure - it will look bad and perform worse.

At SHS our preferred material is not actually plywood, it is an OSB board. OSB expands less and more evenly than ply when subject to moisture. It offers a more uniform surface with no deep imperfections in the face. It will not delaminate in sheets and is a safer material to handle. Whilst the organic wood finish of ply does have it's place in certain situations, our preference is OSB. Contact us today for our material specifications.

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