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Select the type of site hoarding you require...

timber hoarding

Dug in hoarding /

Traditional Hoarding

Timber frame hoarding.

Excavated and concreted.

3.0m / 2.4m / 2.1m heights

Long term applications

Plywood / OSB / Aluminium

counterbalanace hoarding.png

Counterbalance / 

Kentledge Hoarding


Timber frame hoarding.

Secured with counterweights.

2.4m / 2.1m in height

Long term applications

Plywood / OSB / Aluminium

freestanding hoarding

Low Impact External &

Interior Hoarding

Wood / Metal frame.

Secured with floating counterweights or to

existing structure.

Multiple height options.

Internal / External use.

hoarding panels

Marketing Boards /

Printed Hoarding Panels

Coated (primed) plywood,

coloured plywood, OSB, printed hoarding panels from £90.00. Anti-graffiti finish. Supply only or supply and fit.

We are a growing small business tendering on 0 - 200 linear metre hoardings

and labour only options 100 - 500 metres. We also offer site signage of all types.

For sign fitting and billboards click here


Timber framed hoarding is the most common hoarding solution. We can also fix to scaffold and other structures. Hoarding is most often dug into the ground where excavation is permitted, this is a cost effective method. Kentledge or on ground site hoarding uses counterweights to secure the posts where digging is not possible, this requires heavy machinery to install. Counterweights (concrete blocks) are between 750kg and 1250kg each. A third option, common in shop fitting or sensitive locations involves multiple smaller counterweight blocks placed onto a self supporting timber frame thereby eliminating the need for digging or machinery, this method can also be used indoors. We can also create studwork hoarding where minimal fixing to floor and ceiling is permitted.

All of our installs are carefully designed following standard temporary works guidelines and our work has been commended by structural engineers and temporary works co-ordinators alike. We can work with your own co-ordinators or engage third party engineers for site specific structural design, whatever the site our solutions are comprehensive. We also design and install hoarding graphics, marketing and signage, including billboards.


Over 60 years of experience in the design and construction industries has led to the formation of shs the ultimate one stop shop for all your hoarding, site protection and site marketing needs.


Our hoarding and signage is built to industry standard specification with certified materials, by experienced, qualified operatives with safety and environmental concerns at the forefront of our practices.

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